Værløse Self Defense Club

Started in 1975 as interest group on school called Syvstjerneskolen. Founder of the club was Willy Holm 2nd Dan Jiu-jitsu Willy Holm created during his time as president a good cooperation with other self-defence clubs, and the good reputation of the club today. Værløse Self Defense Club has always been a children's club. The Club puts special emphasis on the education of children, which even has its own curriculum. The club has several times organized international courses with foreign instructors for both children and adults. Since 1985, the club's directors periodically travelled to Japan to study to improve their skills in self Defense. The type of self defense as taught, is the well-known Jujutsu. Jujutsu is samurai self defence system that does not require strength but technique to overcome an opponent. The self Defence techniques taught in the club's children's team contains neither punches, kicks or dangerous locks and throws.

In the daily of the club weighing function well socially and to teach students the importance of helpfulness and good companionship.